Cat-Man vehicle fleetLocated in Québec and in business since 2002, Cat-Man Industry has made his reputation in the recycling of used catalytic converters.

By recycling these systems known to reduce toxic emissions from car engine, we are proud to do our part to lower the negative impact of cars on the environment. The raw materials such as Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium composing the inner part of the converters are extracted from the converters collected in order to be reused in manufacturing new catalytic converters or other products.

As there are many brands, models and engine sizes of vehicle, there are thousands of converter’s models, each with a different value. Over the years, Cat -Man Industry, specialist in catalytic converter recycling, earned the experience and expertise needed to establish the correct value of these models and therefore giving you the best price on the market.

With our substantial purchasing volume, selling medium and large batches of catalysts directly to a company specializing in this field will benefit you. By constantly adjusting to raw material market fluctuations, we remain more competitive every day.

For us, service is a priority, which is why, selling us your converters on a regular basis, will help you better track your inventory and will decrease the risk of theft, a major scourge in this industry. Moreover, you will not be disappointed by our courteous service.